Article C1;Website Target Audiences and Design Strategies to Reach Them

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Websites are very important in this day and age, they tell us about various different things and assist us in various jobs, they are made for all, but there are different websites for different people. The Target audience of your website is very important to keep in mind when you start to design it. I would define it as your typical user base for your site, it can be allied for various things, whether it is a shopping site, an information site, or a game site. You have to design it for a certain person. You have to think carefully about it, you cant just do anything.

Define your Websites Purpose and Strategy

Having a plan will always make things go smooth for you, without a plan you will just come up with things as you go. Lets say that you were making a website for gaming that had shopping, like steam, that is a part of your strategy on your website, you are going to have to design your website with that base idea in mind. You can can make it perfectly tuned around that purpose. To do that, you will need to do research on google and look at thew best looking websites to see what works. Once it looks really good, you will need to market it well, allow me to explain.

Marketing your Site to your Target Audience

It would be great if you were to make your site well known to a lot of people so that it can be successful, put a lot of ads on many other websites so it just sticks in your head. One other thing, is your website has an alluring style that catches peoples eyes, it is one of the most essential parts of making a good, successful idea, so be sure to keep that in mind when making every thing about your site. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is important for anyone that wants to get a good job, so i will give a few pointers to make sure you do that well.

Making your Website Responsive and Increase your SEO Potential

You want to make sure you don’t get a bad reputation with your website, so make sure all of your websites links are responsive, and make them look like where they are supposed to be, you want to make it accessible, and not make people frustrated. That is the best way you can make so that your site is more recommended.

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