Article D1: Audio Design, Capturing, Editing & the Designers who do it Thanks to this person for the featured image for this article.

Sound design is very important for making movies, games and creating content for an audience, why would you watch a movie without any sound? It would definitely break you’re immersion right? This is why sound editors use a cool program for this job, like Adobe Audition, Audacity, Mixpad, and more. To help you fully understand what editing sounds for a job is like, I will explain everything that I can possibly can explain for you aspiring sound designers out there, here we go.

What exactly does it take to be a Sound Designer I wonder?

Sound Designers first have to down load the best and greatest sound mixing software in the world, but there are a lot of options out there, in this article it lists some of the best software out there for the job.

“Whether professional or for amateur purposes, the audio recording software programs are very important. These programs allow manipulating the audio so that it matches the need for a specific project.

The best audio recording software has a variety of tools embedded to polish the audio recorded, in which this article we are going to review the best of them for you.”

This is an excerpt from the intro of article I found online that shows you what different sound mixing software. These software not only can record sound effects, but can also record your voice, and you can edit the sounds together with these programs in what ever order you want. You can either make your own custom sound effects, which is kind of time consuming on its own, or you can get all sorts of royalty free sound effects from the internet. But I know you’re thinking now, whats the pay?

Different job listing for Sound Designers

Here are multiple different links to jobs for a sound designer, I will leave links to all of them.

Except from Job listing; Sound Designer for Adventure Music Group

“Aventure Music Group (Group of music labels) is looking for an experienced sound engineer, sound designer, music producer for an internship paid position in Miami Florida. We have a Pro Tools, Logic, Ableton, and many VST equipped room. As part of this position, the candidate will need to be able to teach courses on Music Production, Beat Production.”

“Responsibilities: Experience with music technology, including Ableton , ProTools and/or Logic and/or and/or Reason.”

Sound Designer for The Mandy Network

“You are a smart and professional team player, with an eye on quality, and appreciation of hands-on work. You feel confident jumping into a fast-paced startup environment, learning quickly and adding s… Role: RequirementsSolid experience producing audio for real environments with knowledge of pitch, tone, resonance, tempo, phase, decibel levels, crossfading and other sonic qualities inherent in environment.”

The salary for both of these ranged from $50k to $60k.

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