Article C7: Animated Web Content & Web Animator Jobs

Thanks to this guy for the wonderful image that is featured on the front.

Web design can be really challenging at times, but there is a reason why it needs to be done. The internet is something that is really important to our daily life and getting important information for jobs and work. I bet you are wondering how we use the web banners in the modern landscape for a company. I think that it is pretty simple actually, they want people to know the company’s name, what better way to do it by putting it on any website even when it has nothing to do with the product, the graphic designers making these have to be smart about it. Now I will pull up some great examples online of animated web banners that are really good or really ugly.

5 different web banner ads I found online

National Geographics I Web Banner by Daniel Gom. on Dribbble
This web banner is for the TV channel National Geographic, this one has quite a lot to look at, it shows you every thing you need to know about it while looking pleasing to the eye and seamlessly looping for people looking at it. The colors are very tantalizing, while the photos that they chose make appreciate nature like they want you to.
McDonalds — Tom Fawbush
I do not need to tell you what this one is. This tells you what it is about successfully, but in terms of the animation itself, it is a little basic looking, but I suppose it is more about the food than it sis about it looking cool.
Web Ads and Banners — Yuping Qin
This custom web banner is not one of the best things I have found online when it comes to this article, the colors are alright I guess but it is a little to boring to stand out to me. The image in side the screen seems to be way to colorful compared to the colors they chose for the banner itself.
I do not have much to say about this one, but I think that it is really nice looking. It animates well too.
The First-Ever Banner Ad on the Web - The Atlantic
Okay this one just hurts my eyes, and does not make me want whatever they are selling.

Job Listing for a web banner Animator

This job listing is from Robert Half once again, here is a link to the listing.;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwif0cSsq9rqAhXEmOAKHS3VBHsQp4wCMAJ6BAgMEAE#fpstate=tldetail&htidocid=4_T7yEG6xWvw_05SAAAAAA%3D%3D&htivrt=jobs&htiq=Animated+Web+Content+Designer+job&sxsrf=ALeKk02HS1EvCrdgS8wQNbhOr-Y-7NNkgw:1595196849608

“The Creative Group (TCG) is looking for a Multimedia Designer who is deeply passionate about creating dynamic designs. If you’re a self-starter who combines the technical knowledge of creative software with excellent design skills, this may be the job for you.”

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