Article D4: Video Editing Terms and Details

This is the source for our featured image in this article, thanks to the person who shot this.

Video editing is a very good skill to have. It is very important in fact, but not many people seem to acknowledge it to much, not as much as the main people you see in a video, but if it was not for the editor, the video would not be as pretty as you see now would it not? They are in charge of making sure everything still looks presentable for the consumer, they may help connect with the viewer with combination of clips images and sounds.

What is the difference between Linear & Non-Linear Video Editing? Which is most common? Why are they both important?

Non-linear editing is a non destructive way of editing, and linear is for more straight forward purposes. Linear seems to be more common.

Linear video editing describes a process in which scenes are copied from one video tape to another, using two tape VCRs, in the order required. The new tape is thus created in a linear fashion. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not possible to insert or delete scenes from the new tape without re-copying all the subsequent scenes. Linear editing was the method originally used with analogue video tapes.”

Non-linear video editing is achieved by loading the video material into a computer from analogue or digital tape. The editing process creates a new ‘tape’ by storing all the commands entered by the operator. This method allows the operator to cut, copy and paste scenes in any order and make any changes desired. At the completion of the editing process the computer can then build a new file by applying the commands to the original digital image stored on the disk. The original digital image on the disk is unchanged. The new video file can then be outputted to a video tape, attached to an email or posted to the web.”


What is the difference between Offline & Real Time editing? What makes them different from each other, and why are both techniques

“Offline editing is when the editor takes raw footage and makes a duplicate of it an makes it a compressed file such as an immediate codec.”

“Real time video editing is where the video  that is being worked on takes no more time to render than the length of the clip is long. This system of editing content is typically used with broadcasters with large computer systems and high powered hard drives.”

What is Batch Processing and Project Trimming, why are they important to video editing?

According to the google dictionary, batch processing is an industrial process on material in batches of a limited quantity or number.

Project trimming is an act of making less stuff for your project.

First one is for organizing data, the other is so you do not lose focus.

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