Article D3: …MORE Multimedia Production Teams!

Continuing from article 2, we are still talking about multimedia jobs so that you can know how it all works. Today I will list some jobs that you can take that requires multimedia experience. When I have listed all of them to you, I will tell you about what they put on their resume, and what entails.

Multimedia Designer

IT-StratWashington, DC

Source for all the jobs, the descriptions I have are excerpts from those pages.

Information Technology Strategies (IT-Strat) is in need of Multimedia Designer to join the team we are forming to create and post web documents, manage multiple websites, and provide multimedia support by creating multimedia to convey complex and technical information. Client Agency is DHS.Requirements Designer I: Top/Secret SCI level clearance. Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, Multimedia Design, Art Graphic Design, Visual Communication or related field. Five (5) years of experience may be substituted in lieu of the degree requirement. Minimum of two (2) years recent experience in graphic design or multimedia environment. At least one (1) year of experience handling US classified documents. Experience using Adobe Creative Suite (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Acrobat), and Microsoft Office Suite. Requirements Designer II: All of the above, plus: Adobe Premier for video editing, and Microsoft Office Suite. Preferences: Thorough understanding of production and rendering methods including drawing, offset printing, photography, and time-based and interactive media (film, video, computer multimedia).

Multimedia Illustrator

U.S. Army Recruiting Baton Rouge –
Denham Springs, LA

This is an entry level position with no experience necessary. Multimedia illustrators are primarily responsible for operating multimedia-imaging equipment in order to produce visual displays and documents. They produce graphic artwork that is used in Army publications, signs, charts, posters television and motion picture productions. Job Duties: Create illustrations, layouts, map overlays, posters, graphs and charts Produce computer-generated graphics Draw cartoons for filmstrips and animation for films Work with television and film producers to design backdrops and props for film sets Attend Basic and Advanced Training (paid) Basic Qualifications: Age – 17 to 34 years old Education – Current Senior in High School(HS), HS Diploma, GED, GED equivalent, or higher education level completed Associates and Bachelor’s Degrees (in any major or field) guarantee you an advanced promotion upon joining.

Remote Multimedia Graphic Designer 3

VirtualVocationsBaltimore, MD

An information technology and services company is seeking a Remote Multimedia Graphic Designer 3. Must be able to: Create compelling and easy-to-understand graphics to support company’s proposals Interface with personnel at all levels of the company Required Skills: Ability to be available for the part-time, on call position during surge periods as well as to cover for vacations as needed Ability to work nights and weekends when required Flexibility to be available as needed (on call) 5+ years of experience designing graphics Expert-level understanding of how to use PowerPoint to create information rich, visually appealing graphics Ability to translate user requirements into compelling and compliant graphics

Graphics Designer/Art Director 3

TalentBurst, Inc.Sunnyvale, CA

Position Description

As we continue to increase touchpoints with customers and colleagues virtually, Client is looking for a Multimedia Designer, Virtual Events (MDVE) to support the flawless promotion, publishing, and educational events to leading publishing platforms including Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and ON24, among others. This role will sit with the company’s Brand and Creative team, reporting to our new Executive Producer, Virtual Events, while working in tandem with multiple colleagues in the marketing and sales organizations. We are seeking a unique Designer hybrid – deep experience designing online and print collateral for in-person as well as virtual events and also created channel specific assets for digital and social promotion. We need your guidance and expertise to grow and drive a strong Client virtual event attendee experience.

Multimedia Artist- Videographer Job in Pembroke Pines Jooble

BoxyCharm, Inc. Pembroke Pines, FL

The Multimedia Artist – Videographer should specialize and know everything about the video world in terms of the content creation side and will be responsible for creating cohesive photo and video experiences for various forms of online content. The work will include shooting various campaigns for paid, social and print. The ideal candidate has the ability to deliver high quality work in a fast-paced environment while up against short timelines. This role plays a critical role in our creative marketing strategy that determines how our brand message is communicated to our customers.

The salary for these types of jobs are 33k to 88k per year.

Multimedia Specialist Resume Samples | Velvet Jobs
If you want to get an idea of what a multimedia designer’s resume is like, just read this.

Article D4: Video Editing Terms and Details

This is the source for our featured image in this article, thanks to the person who shot this.

Video editing is a very good skill to have. It is very important in fact, but not many people seem to acknowledge it to much, not as much as the main people you see in a video, but if it was not for the editor, the video would not be as pretty as you see now would it not? They are in charge of making sure everything still looks presentable for the consumer, they may help connect with the viewer with combination of clips images and sounds.

What is the difference between Linear & Non-Linear Video Editing? Which is most common? Why are they both important?

Non-linear editing is a non destructive way of editing, and linear is for more straight forward purposes. Linear seems to be more common.

Linear video editing describes a process in which scenes are copied from one video tape to another, using two tape VCRs, in the order required. The new tape is thus created in a linear fashion. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not possible to insert or delete scenes from the new tape without re-copying all the subsequent scenes. Linear editing was the method originally used with analogue video tapes.”

Non-linear video editing is achieved by loading the video material into a computer from analogue or digital tape. The editing process creates a new ‘tape’ by storing all the commands entered by the operator. This method allows the operator to cut, copy and paste scenes in any order and make any changes desired. At the completion of the editing process the computer can then build a new file by applying the commands to the original digital image stored on the disk. The original digital image on the disk is unchanged. The new video file can then be outputted to a video tape, attached to an email or posted to the web.”


What is the difference between Offline & Real Time editing? What makes them different from each other, and why are both techniques

“Offline editing is when the editor takes raw footage and makes a duplicate of it an makes it a compressed file such as an immediate codec.”

“Real time video editing is where the video  that is being worked on takes no more time to render than the length of the clip is long. This system of editing content is typically used with broadcasters with large computer systems and high powered hard drives.”

What is Batch Processing and Project Trimming, why are they important to video editing?

According to the google dictionary, batch processing is an industrial process on material in batches of a limited quantity or number.

Project trimming is an act of making less stuff for your project.

First one is for organizing data, the other is so you do not lose focus.

Article C5: Web Banner Ads & the Web Banner Designer Jobs (Featured image)

You know those little pictures or animations you see on the side of website that usually has advertisements for big companies? Those are web banners, they are clickable ads that will usually take to some sort of landing page. The design process for this kind of thing is usually a very important thing. You have to think about how it will look in conjunction with the rest of your brand identity, and make sure that it does not look bland. It is especially good when it is animated and looping. These are the most popular sizes to use for web banners.

300×250 – Medium rectangle.

336×280 – Large rectangle.

728×90 – Leader board.

300×600 – Half page or large skyscraper.

320×50 – Mobile leader board.

Now that I have explained the importance and making for a web banner, I will try to give some good examples of web banner templates to use. 5 different types will be listed, and i will talk about how all of them work as a base.

5 examples of free online resources that a designer could use as a “template” for Web Banner Ad designs

Business Web Banner Set Vector Templates by Miyaji Tech on Dribbble

This is an example of a very simple web banner that says what only needed to said. Just a logo, a slogan and phone number on the bottom corner. It has a color that shows a very soothing feeling.

This one seems to be very inviting to me, it really makes me want to download one of their ebooks.
This one is another very inviting example, bright colors like these for your web banner like this always makes it look more like fun.
This is a pretty serious looking one, I mostly see web banners like that that. But I really like the feeling of this one.
How to Make an Effective Web Banner
This one definitely tells me exactly what i need to know without wasting any time, and being straightforward is never a bad thing.

Local Job Listing for a Web Banner Designer

Now I will show you what I found when searching a job listing making a web banner for a big company online. What i ended up finding for the job listing is one titled “Website designer“, a job listed by Robert Half. Here is an excerpt from it.

“Description The Creative Group (TCG) is looking for an innovative and experienced website designer who is dedicated to creating elegant solutions for complex design challenges. If you are ready for a challenging opportunity in a rapidly changing environment, apply today. What you will get to do every single day • Enhance online usability and visual appeal while preserving branding and optimizing functionality.” You do need web experience though. The salary is about 100k.

Article C2: Web Design Optimization, Load Times and File Types to Improve Performance

Web Design is an interesting field, it is one of the most important jobs in the world for a mi-raid of reasons, but why is is so difficult to become a professional web designer? I would not call myself a professional web designer, but I do know how to become one, I just need to work hard to become one. One thing you can do to become a professional website designer is by doing all the right steps , like making your website load faster than a lot of other sites, Here is every thing you need to know on that.

Fast Loading Website

 Browser caching stores cache versions of static resources, a process that quickens page speed tremendously and reduces server lag. When a user visits a page on your website, the cached version usually displays unless it has changed since it was last cached. This means the browser saves a lot of requests to your server and improves load speed for your site.

Clearing the cache usually solves most problems on your computer or device, but in this case, it will make your web site a more pleasant experience for every one. It is very important to remember, because you do not want to have anyone call your website slow, it would not be good for your image. You need to keep your web site optimized, I will show you how to do that too.

Optimization is Important, so is SEO

“Building a strong site architecture and providing clear navigation will help search engines index your site quickly and easily. This will also, more importantly, provide visitors with a good experience of using your site and encourage repeat visits. It’s worth considering that Google is increasingly paying attention to user experience.

When it comes to how much traffic is driven by search engines to your website, the percentage is substantial, and perhaps the clearest indicator of the importance of SEO.

In 2014, Conductor suggested 64% of all web traffic comes from organic search, compared to 2% from social, 6% from paid search, 12% direct and 15% from other referral sources.

This tallies with our own data, with approximately 70-75% of SEW traffic coming from organic.”

Saving space on your computer and on your websites is important for you too, here’s something to keep in mind.


The PNG is an image that is saved in the Portable Network Graphic format, it compressed like the GIF file, used to store web graphics and digital photos.

GIF are moving video files used for websites that make them look pretty.

Then a JPG is basically the same as a PNG except its less high quality.

About the Design Brief Branding Guide

Featured image by me

I am coming to the end of the road for this project, the branding guide. This will mark my place in the industry, it is a collection of everything I have done thus far, so it has to all look good. It is not just putting everything together, they have to match and they have look aesthetically pleasing for the client. I am almost done with this thing, so i will tell you all about what i have done thus far. It is very difficult coming up with a good design for a branding guide, but i did find a pretty good inspiration.

It all started with an inspiration, Graphic Burger ended up being where I looked to start. The fourth one i found ended being the one I used for a reference. I definitely learned that I should have followed a grid for each of my projects, if I did, they would have been more pleasing to the eye. My least favorite thing to do was actually trying to find an inspiration for this thing, it was time consuming. I enjoyed typing the information about the company, it was very fun to come up with it. The most helpful tool i had was Google, to find all this info, despite it being time consuming.

There is a reason for all of this work I have to do, because a brand guide is standard for all types of businesses to guide new recruits working in graphic design on how the products should look and what rules to follow. They help all of the people involved in the company of whatever you are thinking of. I have been trying to follow guidelines of my own for the past few months for this class, not all of them has been perfect, but I have learned how to improve over the past few months. I will show you a few of my works that I am really proud of.

The work mark on her shirt was made in illustrator, it is in Go Go Poster Punch font, the 8 bit logo was also made in illustrator. They went through different revisions, I was not proud of most of them, but eventually i had found the perfect design for both.
This is my business card for Let, I followed a grid when I made this one, there fore making it look organized. The black and red color scheme makes me feel ready to play games.

All about Fonts

Featured image;

It has been a while since I have posted, but today I have an interesting topic for everyone reading that wants their documents to have good looking letters. That’s right, we are going to talk all about fonts today. You may not think much about them when you are a beginner as a marketer, but trust me they are important. But if you are reading this, I trust that you must know this. I’m going to be talking about certain fonts in this article, Open Type, PostScript, TrueType, and all the corresponding information about them. You will learn more about them by reading this, so lets get started.

Open Type, True Type and Postscript

Credit to Wikipedia for the information. In addition, from this very informative article;

This is a type of font file made by Microsoft for salable computer fonts, it was built from True Type Fonts, but they are a little bit different. They do have the same structure, but Open has more intricate data structures for prescribing typographic behavior. It is way more widely available than most font types, making them one of the most common. Most businesses and people use this. this type are cross compatible and be swapped between different brands of computers. This is used most for adobe programs interestingly enough.

True Type is a font type made by apple in the 80s as a competitor to adobe’s Post Script, it might be more common than the Open Type file format. It had a higher degree of control over how the fonts are displayed, sizes, pixels and all. Pixel Level control is not really used with type anymore though. This type font has need of only one file to be turned in.

If it wasn’t for PostScript font, neither Open or True Type would not even exist to compete against it. Made by Adobe, Post Script is a page description language in the electronic publishing and desktop publishing industries. It is a typed more dynamically, programming language. Since this one is the oldest of them all, it is the least used, but it is actually the most used for publishing. They have two components, or files, the first file contains the type face, often called “Binary” or “printer” file. The second file has the full name and the spacing for displaying the font.

Proprietary Use of Fonts

There is an important bit of information about these type faces, there are rules to be followed, if you were to break them ,there would be legal action to deal with. You need to acquire the license to certain type faces if you want to use them, these rules protect you and the brand holder. They were made so the ownership is not lost on their side. These rules have been around since the 70s- 80s. That is pretty much all you need to know.

Rasters, Vectors, Destructive & Non-Destructive Editing with Photoshop

Photo by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash

Photoshop is a very interesting software in the adobe series, it is the most versatile of all the software for certain. It has the most features out all of these programs, and it has the most variety of things to do with each of those tools individually. These features in the title of this blog are the ones we will be talking about today. I will be explaining how this works in Photoshop, seeing which one of these is most useful and which one is better than the other.

Destructive, or Non Destructive?

Now then, just what is destructive editing? It dosent exactly tell you what it is straight up, because it sounds negative, but its atcually a boon to you. To take from a certain source:

The term destructive editing does not mean that you actually destroy your image; in most cases, you will improve it. Rather, it refers to the way in which the pixels of the digital photograph are manipulated. When you make changes to a photograph as part of a digital editing process that is destructive, you actually make permanent changes to the pixels. For example, if you darken an area of the image, the pixels within the image will be changed to become darker. When the image is then saved, those darkened pixels will be written into the image permanently and cannot be returned to their original state. Thus, the original state of the pixels is considered to have been destroyed. Hence the term “destructive editing”.

The opposite of Destructive is what else? Non Destructive editing. So this is not exactly bad either, in fact it is something else entirely. It is something you can use for photography to edit them by using adobe light room. That is just one example though. During a Photoshop project i can definitely use both of these different methods to work.

Rastrized Graphics

Raster images are known as a pixel image or bitmap. There is a little box next to the image layer so you can change it, this rasterizes the image to make it editable on Photoshop. Before you do this, the image will not be able to be edited. But it reduces it to one layer.

Vector Graphics

Vector Graphics are computer graphics that are defined in terms of 2D points, which are connected by lines and curves to form polygons and other shapes. Source of info: These are used for line art, for various projects. I would definitely prefer using them to make some great drawings.

Setting the Mood, Mood Boards The source for the image that is featured.

This might a new topic for anyone who is new to the work space, for anyone who does not know anything about them i will lay it out for you. The Mood Board is a presentation for your new project or something of the like, that conveys a feeling of what your product, or some one else’s product, is like, hence why its called a “Mood Board”. It is needed if you want to tell your boss or employer about how your product will work. It needs to be different from the competition, be unique, and it needs to be ascetically pleasing to you and your consumer.

5 Tools to know when making Mood Boards

I found most of this in this article;

Pinterest; This is a social media platform that is used to post art, stories and things like that. It seems like you can post a mood board on the website or app so you can show someone the idea for the product. I think this could be useful to share with businesses all over the world, it can help with SEO and can maximize your chance of employment.

Milatone; A website that you have to sign up for to make a mood board. It doesn’t seem like the best choice, but it look like it can be used for variety of other projects.

Ever note; This is an app used to take notes, it can be used to write down ideas, but also, oddly enough be used for a mood board. Definitely good in case you forget something.

The Mat board; Image sharing site The Mat board is specifically targeting creatives as an alternative to the more mainstream Pinterest. – Creativebloq. Pinterest should be a better alternative.

Google Slide; This is the definitive way to make mood boards in my opinion. This service is something you can access if you have a google account, it is connected to google drive, a cloud based service, so you can store the mood board so you don’t lose it. This way of making mood boards is fool proof.

Make sure your boss is not ‘Board’

From my experience making the mood board i chose to do, i have to follow exactly what the outline is, but i have to make sure it is unique to the other competitors, otherwise it wont work out if you want a job. I made a few mistakes, like not using the right image, or using a color that was unappealing, to fix this, i went back and edited my mood board.Make sure when you make this thing that you double check your work and perfect your mood board.

Computer Basics and lot More

Featured Image made by Andrew Neel

Computers are very interesting, you can do all sorts of things with it. like gaming, writing, or coding. You cant do those things without building the thing though, you ever think about that? Whether it be a desktop, a laptop, PC or mac, the computer part world is a vast one and I’m gonna show you the best computer parts you can use for an assortment of things. Like I said, computers are fun! Lets start with one the most important parts of the computer.

Number One: The Hard Drive

The Hard drive is meant to be used to store the data of the computer, like music, pictures, and videos, depending on what hard drive you buy, you can get up to 100 terabytes. Here is an example of what I’m talking about; Your not gonna be able to use the computer without this part, but this next part is very necessary to the computer;

Number Two: Mother Board and CPU and RAM

When you want the computer to turn on, you need to get a good mother board. This is a green circuit board that can helps the CPU, RAM, and the other parts interact. There are many forms of mother boards to chose from.

-AT Motherboards

-ATX Motherboards

-Expansion Slots

-CPU Sockets

Number Three USB Slots

These are exactly what it says on the tin, a part for the USB cords to plug into the computer. When you want to transfer data from system to system, this part is essential.

Number Four Peripherals

Speakers, scanners, printers, all of the stuff that you use to create your work, you gain more functions by having these. It is more optimal to have these things.

How do these Parts work together?

The Mother Board allows the CPU and the RAM to interact with the other parts of the to computer to make them actually work. That is usually what make the computer run like butter all the time (or not). According to they had this to say about motherboards and hard drives interacting.

Paraphrasing without crediting the original author is considered plagiarism and therefore has serious consequences. However, if you do credit the original author correctly using an in-text citation or footnote citation and include the full source in the reference list, then you do not commit plagiarism.

4 Safety Guidelines and Ergonomics

Passwords are always good to be stored in all sorts of places.

If your computer gets stolen you should keep it locked.

Keep everything backed up on USBs (the most modern compnent for a computer)

Keep your computer clean all the time.

Optimizing the use of your computer is important is important, that is what Ergonomics is.

Macs vs. PCs and Operating Systems

PC can run on Windows and Linux, while Mac cannot.

Macs only have USB ports unlike PCs

Macs are more expensive than most PCs.

Different operating systems include Google Android, Apple mac, Apple iOS and Linux. The most common of these is Microsoft Windows.

Internal vs External, What is an SSD drive and connection ports

Internal is connected to the motherboard, whereas External is connected to the hard drive. The most common connection cord is the VGA cable. An SSD cord is a big storage device that is used for computers, kind of like the hard drive except it reads and writes data without power.

About Me

I am Christian Fernandez, Art is one of my favorite things to do, I also like gaming. I will usually blog about these things weekly, so expect to see quite a lot of that. I’m pursuing a new career in technology and I’m looking forward to it. Don’t believe me? In time I will make some great things and show them off to the world.