Article C 6: All about WordPress & WordPress Designer Jobs

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Word Press is one of the most if not the most used website maker out there, it is a very nice web site if you want to make a very simple web site with any ideas you have, I mean you’re looking at this blog on Word Press, so you must be here for some reason. Word Press was first created by May 27, 2003 by a certain person named Matt Mullenweg. He made it to be the most definitive web site builder for everyone in the world, this website is used by over 75 million web site managers, as said by this article.
“WordPress is, by far, the most popular open source Content Management System (C M S), used by approximately 75 million websites”

“WordPress holds the largest C M S market share by far, and currently accounts for over a quarter of all websites. As a result, many users are already familiar with the WordPress C M S, requiring less staff training when building a new site.”

CMS Market Share 2017

Wordpress Market Share


Senior Word Press Developer

Link for the job listing:;jobs&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjopN68_8rqAhWDdd8KHSBzD1IQp4wCMAB6BAgNEAE#fpstate=tldetail&htidocid=ZH2L43vK1wNk_mwuAAAAAA%3D%3D&htivrt=jobs&htiq=job+listings+for+wordpress+designer&sxsrf=ALeKk02vLMI45yHZzjk4-0cdcpxs-ANUTQ:1594669676343

Kipu Health, this is the title of the company for the job listing. According to this job listing, it is the gold standard for addiction treatment because we are dedicated to making the easiest-to-use E M R, with power and capabilities that could only be developed by a team working within the addiction treatment industry. This is for building a health related site it appears.

Responsibilities include:

· End to end design across the entire web platform.

· Protecting the website’s architecture while iterating through new features and functionality.

Qualifications include:

· Strong understanding of front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, SEO and Google Analytics

· Ability to Collaborate and Ideate with multiple team members. Strong Communication (Speaking and Listening) is a MUST.

The salary is 401k when you work there.

How much do designers get charged for private clients for a word press website setup and customization?

You can charge people for your own website, if you want to have workers for your own company for the website you made. You can apparently charge as much as twenty five to forty dollars in all to host your own site for other people. It definitely sounds like a pretty good way to make money

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